Challenges in Basements and Tenability Risk

26th September 2020

Basements are a critical area for life and Fire Safety. Often, the confined nature of spaces with limited connection with outside, creates tenability issues and an immense dependence on the mechanical systems to ensure egress of the occupants. Fighting fire and making access through the smoke clogged areas is a challenge for even firefighters and renders their operations difficult. With the functional use of basements becoming increasingly complex, having bulk engineering services, storage and vehicle parking, the risk of life and fire safety needs to be mitigated in the most reliable manner. Offices with visitor areas, shops and restaurants are public spaces being located in such underground structures. The Webinar would discuss these new paradigms of Life and Fire Safety in Basements and technological advances that make such spaces safe.

The topics of discussion, therefore are:
1. Challenges in Basements and Tenability Risk
2. Risks in Egress, Fire Fighting, Containment of Smoke and Fire
3. Smoke and Heat Ventilation Solutions