Changshu Jiangnan Glass Fiber Co.,Ltd

Product On Display : Fire Blanket, Fiber Glass Fabric

Company Profile : The Company was established in 1956. The plant covers a total area of 70 ,000 square meters. It has over 600 staff, of whom over 100 are professional technicians. The company is rich in technological resources, with complete equipment and production line from draw benching to post-weaving treatment. Annually, the Company produces over 3,000 tons fibreglass yarn, over 1.5 million units of fire blanket, over 1.6 million square meters Silicone-rubber coated fiber glass fabric, Viton-coated fiber glass fabric, EPDM-coated glass fabri, cover 1,000 tons FRP products, over 30 million square meter of mesh fabric and fibreglass fabric, over 10 million square meters fibreglass wall covering.