Smoke and Heat Management

7th November 2020

Smoke and heat management in building fires is a major challenge for the egress of occupants and the operations of fire-fighting. Toxicity, visibility and intense heat render conditions untenable that result in loss of lives and the destruction of property. Spread of smoke is not only lethal for the occupants; it makes access difficult to reach the origin of fire and smoke. Production of smoke and its estimation is a highly uncertain phenomenon and prediction is hardly practical. Containment of smoke, dilution and extraction strategies and system designs need to consider many variables with complex risk relationships. Codes prescribe certain deterministic measures but not all situations can be considered to have been safely addressed. Building contents and functional planning keeps creating new challenges while complying with such codes and the measures of good practice. The proposed Webinar aims to put forth the key areas of concern as:

The topics of discussion, therefore are:

1. Principles and Strategies for Smoke & Heat Management in Building Fires
2. Smoke extraction system: Planning for effeteness
3. Pressurization challenges