TANDA Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Specialization : Fire Alarm System Equipment, Smoke Detectors

Products On Display : Fire Alarm System Equipment, Smoke Detectors

Company Profile : TANDA Technology Co., Ltd.offers its authorized clients free of charge comprehensive Technical Training that covers Installation, Programming, System Configuration and maintenance. With strong management team and a capable R&D team, which has accumulated over 10 years rich experience in design, production and sales of intelligent fire alarm systems. Our manufacturing standard reach ISO9001 and ISO14001, and most of our product has LPCB certified.

Our three main product line is Addressable Fire Alarm System, Conventional Fire Alarm System, and wireless Fire Alarm System, that is offer range of fire alarm solution to our customers. Fire Alarm System included control panel, smoke detector, heat detector, smoke and heat combined detector, manual call point, many type of input / output modules, etc.