Advanced Fire Suppression Systems by KV Fire

1st August 2020

An innovative Aerosol technology, based on non-pyrotechnic product manufactured with eco-friendly materials like naturally occurring potassium salts. It is the latest technology which provides compact….


Understanding ventilation & Building Behaviour As per NBC 2016

11th July 2020

Fire & smoke ventilation can be achieved either naturally or mechanically. In a natural ventilation system a number of fire vents are opened when a fire is detected….


Building Fires and Tenability

27th June 2020

The term fire behaviour is used to describe the characteristics of fire growth and fire propagation, where fire is a chemical process of oxidation releasing large amount of heat…


Recent Earthquakes - A Precursor?

12th June 2020

As the government implements protective measures to make everyone stay indoors, the nature is furious to bring us all outside by causing tremors in the Earth. During this lock down, Delhi NCR regions have faced several tremors…


Vizag Gas Leak: A Reminder To Think Seriously

30th May 2020

In May 2020 while the country battles COVID 19, another disaster struck the city of Vishakapatnam. 11 people including 2 minors lost their lives, leaving many others in a critical state & thousands evacuated…