We are proud to announce one more innovative feature of the show called DEMOex

DEMOex provides an opportunity to witness firsthand how the latest products and technological innovations can seamlessly and efficiently enhance your procurement processes. There's no better way to gain insight into real-life scenarios and discover effective solutions. Experience cutting-edge learning and development solutions offered by leading suppliers and manufacturers.

The structure of DEMOex involves allocating dedicated time slots to companies already exhibiting within the hall. This allows products to gain increased exposure in terms of both visibility and hands-on experience for buyers across diverse domains. The technology presentations encompass both domestic and international contributions.

DEMOex provides a designated open display area throughout all three days, enabling you to conduct live product demonstrations for larger audiences and showcase the unique features of your product. This feature allows you to present demos during periods of high foot traffic in your selected location.


This DEMOex receives extensive promotion throughout the session, including pre and post-branding initiatives within the buyers' community to guarantee optimal attendance at the live demo location. We are also actively seeking exhibitor support to enhance exposure for their confirmed demos within their respective communities.

DEMOex strictly confines demonstrations to designated areas within the venue, supervised and marked in accordance with all necessary approvals and permissions from the government and organizers. This includes adherence to regulations for drone flights at permissible levels. The organizer strictly adheres to government rules and regulations, prioritizing national safety and security. We kindly urge companies to adhere to the procedures outlined by the relevant statutory bodies and follow suit.

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