Innovation Awards 2022

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any business. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, it is impossible to stay current without being innovative. It is even more critical to recognise this industry effort. Services International has partnered with the Institution of Fire Engineers (India) to identify potential industry trend-setters. The awards and ceremony are dedicated to the industry's stalwarts. It's time to shine a light on accomplishments and give credit where credit is due!

It is the 3rd edition of the Innovation Awards.

We believe that an innovative thing must be new, but a new thing might not necessarily be innovative.

Our focus is only on the creation of products that will be useful to the fire & safety industry & one that will allow them to better their jobs.

These awards are focused only on innovation. We do not consider awards for "Best Product", "Best Team" or "Best Company", etc.

  1. PRODUCT RECOGNITION AND AWARENESS: The innovative product nominations are reviewed by a panel of industry professionals including Members of government bodies, associations, trade journalists, renowned officials, etc. It is the ideal environment to increase overall product awareness in the market.
  2. HEIGHTENED VISIBILITY: Visibility is provided before, during and after the show. Promotional campaigns are carried out amongst a targeted industry professional database. Relevant professionals are made aware of innovations and products.
  3. INCREASED BUSINESS: Innovation is one of the greatest factors leading to business growth. Increased visibility during the show means increased visibility amongst the fire and safety professionals. It is an ideal environment to introduce new and innovative products and technologies.


Entries Closed for Fire India 2022


The Innovation Awards 2022 are focused on recognizing the contributions of individuals, organizations & teams in inculcating innovation and excellence in their offerings.

Applications received online within the nomination deadline will be considered as the final nominations for the awards and further shortlisting.

Only those innovations that have been developed in the last two years (i.e. 2020) will be considered for the awards. Any product that is in the launch phase can also be submitted as long as it is available at the show.

Entries for the 2022 Innovation Awards will be open till 20th August 2022.

1st June - 20th August: Registration period.

20th Aug - 10th Sep: Nominations are reviewed by the jury.

15th Sep - Awards Ceremony at the show.

15th Sep - 17th Sep: Promotion of winners through website, social media and press release.

16th Sep - 17th Sep: Video interview of each winner.

Post-event: Promotion of winners through the website, social media, press release & videos

The jury will consist of independent professionals from the fire and safety industry. They will gather to review the applications and select the winners in August 2022.The jury will judge the product based on technical performances, functionalities, benefit for users and design.

The jury will review the nominated innovations from all categories and select the winners.

Winners will be announced on the first day of the event i.e. 15th September 2022 (Thursday)

Winners will be promoted immediately after the announcement through social media, press releases, and websites.

They will also be provided with heightened visibility in the Innovation Zone.

Innovation zone :- A separate zone to just focus on the Innovations and promotion of all participants.

Award Ceremony :- The Award ceremony will take place at the Innovation zone.

Innovation Signage :- Signage will be displayed on Day 2 to promote the winners at the show. (Each signage boards will have logo of company, description of innovation, pictures and booth number)


Heightened visibility during the show as well as post-show marketing activities:

Press Releases: There will be multiple press releases regarding Innovation Awards | 2022 including but not limited to:

  • Announcement of Innovation Awards
  • Announcement of Participants
  • Announcement of Winners
Social Media Promotions: Dedicated promotions on all social media channels.

Website: Extended visibility for one year on the official website of FIRE INDIA.*

Email Newsletter: Dedicated newsletter about the winner will be circulated in our ever growing database of 10,000+ industry professionals.

Discounted Winner Rates for participation in the next year

Winning Trophy

Certificate of Participation



Entries Closed for Fire India 2022

"Keep the following documents ready"

  1. Three (3) photos or illustrations of the product (files must be in HD and in .jpg format)
  2. 1 logo of the company (files must be in HD and in .ai or .eps format)
  3. Any other documentation that gives a better understanding of the product
  4. Short video accepted (to be sent via WeTransfer)
  5. A short description about the Company

Rules & Regulations

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