Why Visit

Why Visit

Attending FIRE INDIA offers a plethora of benefits and opportunities to network, collaborate, gain knowledge, develop skills and prepare for the future.

Multiple Growth Opportunities

Not only will large scale networking will aid you in identifying growth opportunities but you also get to identify potential business partners and learn how to increase levels of growth from key industry people.

Stay Up to Date

FIRE INDIA successfully gathers manufactures, government officials and key stakeholders of the industry. It is an ideal opportunity to learn about new technologies and trends emerging in the market.


Building relationships is easiest in person, and FIRE INDIA has proven to be a great way to meet new people and catch up with those you already know. FIRE INDIA, as a platform, provides an opportunity to meet new customers or business partners and strengthen relationships with existing clients.

Fix Meetings Prior to the Event

Don’t just collect cards! VeConnect, FIRE INDIA’s business matchmaking technology allows you to set up meetings with participants before the show even begins. No more last minute presentations. Sow a strong seed for a potential relationship by giving focused attention to each of your business prospects. Research their profiles and prepare to serve each of their needs in advance.

Learning Opportunities

A cutting edge conference will host a series of presentations and case studies. It is the opportunity to learn from inspiring and talented leaders of the industry.

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Services International brings to you a highly specialised fire & safety show in Asia. FIRE INDIA brings together the fire safety industry and features the latest in trends, equipments, tools & accessories.



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